Green Shutters

history-Green_ShuttersHistoric Name: Green Shutters
Address: 1 block east of Illinois Central Railroad on Franklin Street
City:  Tangipahoa
Parish:  Tangipahoa
State: LA
Zipcode: 70465
Status:  National Register
Date Placed on National Register: 8/11/1982
Level of Significance: Local
Area of Significance:  Architecture
Property Type: Urban Residence
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Theme: Anglo-American Architecture

Green Shutters (c.1850) is a provincial Greek Revival cottage located southeast of the center of the village of Tangipahoa. The setting is essentially semi-rural. At one time the house was approached via an alley of trees. All but three of these are gone and a paved road now runs in front of the house. The house has suffered little loss of integrity.

Green Shutters is a frame raised cottage with circular sawn pegged timbers and a central hall plan two rooms deep. There is also a rear kitchen wing. Windows are six over six and the two front rooms have aedicule motif mantels. The five bay facade is articulated with six attenuated posts which have molded capitals and a central front door which has a full aedicule motif with transom and side lights.

In the 1940’s the following changes were made:

1. The sides and rear of the house were recovered in asbestos siding.

2. The rear porch was enclosed.

3. A side carport was added.

4. Six steel awnings were attached on the side.

5. Certain superficial interior changes were made. These include the installation of knotty pine paneling in the two front rooms either side of the hall and the installation   of plywood paneling on the lower half of the central hall walls.

Assessment of Integrity

Despite these changes, the house retains enough significance to merit Register listing. The house is significant as an example of an early Louisiana archetype. The salient characteristics of this type are still clearly discernible even to the casual observer.

Adjacent to the house is a brick cistern which is not related to the basic architectural significance of the property. However, because it is so close to the house, it would have been difficult to exclude it from the nominated area.

Specific dates   c.1850

Builder/Architect  not known

Statement of Significance (in one paragraph)

Criterion C

Green Shutters is locally significant in the area of architecture because it is a landmark in the architectural heritage of Tangipahoa Parish. It is one of the oldest structures in the parish and one of the few remaining examples of the Greek Revival style

Tangipahoa Parish was traversed by the New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad in the early 1850’s and towns such as Tangipahoa were established at ten mile intervals along the line. However, there are almost no structures remaining from this early period. Most of the extant historic buildings in the parish date from the late-nineteenth or early-twentieth centuries. Green Shutters is one of approximately six Greek Revival structures remaining in the parish. In addition, as far as the State Historic Preservation Office is aware, it is also the parish’s only example of a Greek Revival raised cottage. Given the above, Green Shutters has a special place in the patrimony of Tangipahoa Parish.

The name of the builder of Green Shutters is not known. Judging from the architectural evidence, it dates from c.1850. According to tradition, Confederate soldiers from nearby Camp Moore were brought to the house to recuperate. The house passed through several owners after the war until it was purchased in 1900 by Dr. John W. Lambert, a local family physician Lambert lived there until his death in 1931, and the house has remained in his family since. It is presently owned by his two daughters.


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