pic1Registrar of Voters John Russell is asking that voters who normally vote during Early Voting and especially on Saturdays, to pay special attention to when they will be able to vote in the upcoming election.

Usually there are two Saturdays during the early voting period on which a voter can cast his or her ballot. However, because this is a Federal election, Early Voting will begin on Tuesday,

October 25th and will continue, excluding Sunday, until November 1st which only allows one Saturday during that voting week when a voter may cast a vote. This may cause many voters who normally use the convenience of Saturday voting to have to adjust their schedules in order to be able to cast their ballots.

During the Early voting period, voting begins daily at 8:30 AM and ends at 6:00 PM. Anyone who is in line at 6:00 PM will be allowed to vote says Mr. Russell. “We have, in the past, accommodated dozens of voters, “said Russell, ” who were in line to vote when the offices closed and we will do so again, no matter how long we have have to remain open.” Russell continued, ” Due to the nature of the election, i.e., being a Presidential Election, expected turnout is predicted to higher than usual and this could make for long lines during both Early Voting and on November 8th, Election Day.

Mr. Russell noted that with two dozen candidates running for U.S. Senator, to fill the seat that will be left vacant by the retiring David Vitter, all of those candidates will be trying to get as many of their supporters to the polls as they can. This will also contribute to the higher predicted turnout.

Voters in Tangipahoa Parish can Early Vote in Amite and Hammond at either of the offices of the Registrar. In Amite voters may vote a the Registrar’s main office in the Parish Court House at 110 North Bay Street. In Hammond voting will take place at the Sheriff’s Substation at 15475 Club Deluxe Road. Even though we have added more machines to take care of more voters at one time, our physical limitations still make the process a challenge but my staff has always been able to rise to the occasion and we will do so again.

Anyone having questions or concerns may call us. In Amite at 748-3215 and in Hammond at 345-3717.

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