The Next Election is Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Early voting begins on SATURDAY, NOV. 26 and continues through SATURDAY, DEC. 3 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, (except Sunday and holidays). Those persons who want to cast an early ballot in person should do so at their local registrar of voters office. Louisiana law provides for early voting by mail, and special provisions are in place for persons in the military. Voters who are physically unable to vote in person at the polls on election day and unable to vote in person at the registrar’s office may be eligible for the Special Program for Physically Handicapped Voters.

U. S. Senator (1 to be elected)

  • Foster Campbell (DEM)
  • John Kennedy (REP) 

Mayor Village of Tangipahoa (1 to be elected)

Council Member District 1, Town of Amite City (1 to be elected)

Road Lighting District No. 7 – 10 Mills – PC – 10 Yrs.

Shall Road Lighting District No. 7 of the Parish of Tangipahoa (“Road Lighting District No. 7”) be authorized to renew the levy and collection of a special ad valorem tax of ten (10) mills on the dollar of assessed valuation on all property subject to taxation within the boundaries of Road Lighting District No. 7 (the “Tax”) (an estimated $102,903.28 is reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year), for a period of ten (10) years, beginning with the tax collection for the year 2017, and annually thereafter to and including the year 2026, the proceeds of said Tax to provide funds to be used entirely and exclusively to acquire, improve and equip the system of road lighting on the streets, roads, highways, alleys and public places of Road Lighting District No. 7, and to provide funds to pay the operation and maintenance costs and expenses in connection therewith?

Town of Kentwood – 14.90 Mills – M&BOA – 20 Yrs.

Shall the Town of Kentwood, Parish of Tangipahoa, State of Louisiana, levy a new tax of fourteen and nine-tenths (14.90) mills; of which three (3) mills is for the purpose of and shall be dedicated for providing fire protection to the inhabitants of said Town; three (3) mills is for the purpose of and shall be dedicated for providing police protection to the inhabitants of said Town; and eight and nine tenths (8.9) mills is for the purpose of and shall be dedicated for providing recreation to the inhabitants of said Town; on all property subject to taxation within said Town of Kentwood (with an estimated tax revenue for its first year of $196,301.00), for a period of twenty (20) years, commencing with the tax year 2017 and ending after the tax collection for the year 2036?




Tangipahoa Parish Ballot – Nov. 8, 2016

Presidential | Congressional | Statewide Printable Election Ballot – Nov. 8, 2016

Presidential Electors

  • Hillary Clinton, Timothy Kaine – Democratic
  • Donald Trump, Michael Pence – Republican
  • Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka – Green
  • Gary Johnson, Bill Weld – Libertarian
  • Darrell Castle, Scott Bradley – Constitution Party Nominee
  • Evan McMullin, Nathan Johnson – Courage Character Service
  • Laurence Kotlikoff, Edward Lea – It’s Our Children
  • Tom Hoefling, Steve Schulin – Life, Family, Constitution
  • Princess Jacob, Milton Fambro – Loyal Trustworthy Compassion
  • Gloria La Riva, Eugene Puryear – Socialism and Liberation
  • Jerry White, Niles Niemuth – Socialism Equality Anti-War
  • Alyson Kennedy, Osborne Hart – Socialist Workers Party
  • Chris Keniston, Deacon Taylor – Veterans Party

U. S. Representative – 1st Congressional District

  • Eliot Barron (GRN)
  • Lee Ann Dugas (DEM)
  • Danil Ezekiel Faust (DEM)
  • Howard Kearney (LBT)
  • Steve Scalise (REP)
  • Joseph “Joe” Swider (DEM)
  • Chuemai Yang (NOPTY)

U. S. Representative – 5th Congressional District

  • Ralph Abraham, Jr. (REP)
  • Billy Burkette (REP)

U. S. Senator

  • Beryl Billiot (NOPTY)
  • Charles Boustany (REP)
  • Foster Campbell (DEM)
  • “Joseph” Cao (REP)
  • Thomas P. Clements (LBT)
  • Donald “Crawdaddy” Crawford (REP)
  • David Duke (REP)
  • Derrick Edwards (DEM)
  • Caroline Fayard (DEM)
  • John Fleming (REP)
  • Le Roy Gillam (LBT)
  • Troy Hebert (NOPTY)
  • John Kennedy (REP)
  • Gary Landrieu (DEM)
  • William Robert “Bob” Lang, Jr. (OTHER)
  • “Rob” Maness (REP)
  • Kaitlin Marone (NOPTY)
  • Charles Marsala (REP)
  • MV “Vinny” Mendoza (DEM)
  • Abhay Patel (REP)
  • Joshua Pellerin (DEM)
  • Gregory Taylor, Jr. (OTHER)
  • Arden Wells (NOPTY)
  • Peter Williams (DEM)


Mayor — Town of Amite City

  •  “Buddy” Bel (OTHER)
  •  Walter Daniels (DEM)


Mayor — Town of Roseland

  •  Marilyn A. Jackson (DEM)
  •  Wanda “Yodie” McCoy (DEM)


Mayor — Village of Tangipahoa

  •  Michael Jackson (DEM)
  •  Brenda V. Nevels (DEM)
  •  “Keysha” Robinson (DEM)

Chief of Police — Town of Amite City

  •  Darrell H. Michael (OTHER)
  •  Jerry Trabona (DEM)


Chief of Police — Village of Tangipahoa

  •  Ray A. Henry (DEM)
  •  Darrell Martin (DEM)

Aldermen — Town of Roseland

  •  “Marie” Bennett (NOPTY)
  •  Charles J. Davis (DEM)
  •  Jimmie Jamison (DEM)
  •  Beverly Stewart Lewis (DEM)
  •  Kevin M. Robinson (DEM)
  •  Gloria Steptoe (DEM)
  •  Sandra W. Turner (DEM)
  •  Ruthie L. Vernon (DEM)
  •  Frederick “Rick” Widas (DEM)


Aldermen — Village of Tangipahoa

  •  Virginia G. Baker (DEM)
  •  Pamela “Muffie” Bean (DEM)
  •  Ricky L. Coleman (DEM)
  •  Shelia Martin (DEM)
  •  Debrah Scott-Cyprian (DEM)
  •  “Lamar” Stewart (DEM)
  •  Vanessa Williams (DEM)

Council Member — District 1, Town of Amite City

  •  Carl J. Foster (NOPTY)
  •  “Kris” Hart (DEM)
  •  Arthur Leonard, Jr. (DEM)
  •  Tywond McGee (DEM)


Council Member — District 2, Town of Amite City

  •  Jonathon Foster (DEM)
  •  Lavonta L. Frazier (NOPTY)
  •  Prentiss R. Warren (DEM)


Council Member — District 3, Town of Amite City

  •  Jerry L. Daniels (DEM)
  •  Emanuel Zanders III (DEM)


Constitutional Amendments

CA NO. 1 (ACT 677 – HB 459) — Registrar of Voters.
Establishes new requirements for local registrars of voters

  •  YES
  •  NO


CA NO. 2 (ACT 680 – SB 80) — Establish Tuition without Legislative Approval.
Tuition and fee autonomy to college management boards

  •  YES
  •  NO


CA NO. 3 (ACT 31 – HB 31) — Eliminate Deductibility of Federal Income Taxes.
Eliminates federal income tax deduction for corporations on state tax returns and sets a flat rate

  •  YES 0%
  •  NO 0%

CA NO. 4 (ACT 678 – HB 505) — Homestead Exemption-Surviving Spouse.
Property tax exemption for surviving spouses of persons killed in the line of duty

  •  YES 0%
  •  NO 0%


CA NO. 5 (ACT 679 – HB 603) — Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund.
Creates a Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund

  •  YES 0%
  •  NO 0%


CA NO. 6 (ACT 681 – SB 201) — Use Funds to Eliminate Projected Deficits.
Adjusts threshold for tapping protected funds

  •  YES 0%
  •  NO 0%


PAR Guide to the 2016 Constitutional Amendments (.pdf)

The Guide explains the potential impact of the six constitutional amendments that the public will consider on the Nov. 8 ballot statewide. This objective review will help you understand the issues and the potential changes so you may develop your own positions on each proposition.  PAR is an independent voice offering solutions to crucial issues in Louisiana through accurate, objective research and focusing public attention on those solutions.


Parish-wide Amendments

PW Tax Renewal — 1% S&U – PC – 4 Yrs. (SEE Once Cent Sales Tax Facts below)

  •  YES
  •  NO


Road District No. 101 — $401,800 Bond – PC – 20 Yrs.

  •  YES
  •  NO

Sub-Rd. Dist. No. 1 of Rd. Dist. No. 101 — $382,900 Bond – PC – 20 Yrs.

  •  YES
  • NO


Village of Tickfaw — 1% S&U – VC – Perp.

  •  YES
  •  NO






Printable Election Ballot – Nov. 8, 2016



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